Behind the Scenes with Nicole

Today we have our resident clean and simple gal, Nicole Martel, on the blog; sharing a little more "behind the scenes" info about one of her layouts. It's our hope that these posts will help inspire you and give you a glimpse of the process and why we find this so valuable in our lives. Thanks for sharing Nicole!

What prompted you to pick this take on respect ?
I wanted to vent a little about how I am dis-respected on a regular basis. Working with the public is a tough job most days!

Why did you choose this photo?
I think the photo shows a little attitude to fit the mood of the layout.

How do you feel about the message of your layout?
I think that people need to be nicer and maybe more aware how their actions affect others… There’s so much negativity nowadays that it’s exhausting sometimes. Maybe people are so used to being the way they are that they don’t see it anymore…

What symbolism did you pull into your design?
I decided to use lots of layers to represent the amount of negativity I get on a daily basis. The layers represent the amount of dis-respect I receive every day from people I come in contact with.

Tell us a little bit about how you feel now that you have "let it all out" on this page. 
I feel relieved that I got it out of my system. It feels good to get my frustrations out on paper, rather than go off on someone.

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