The Trust in Release

It has been a week of lessons in letting go.  I am one of many siblings and we each have gone forth and forged our own lives, often not preserving the relationship with one another as life has marched on.  Because of this... and my inner scrapbooker control freak... I am continuously gathering what I can from family members to keep the family memories "alive".  Photos, memorabilia, stories, cards, journals... anything that connects us all together, even though we truly aren't that cohesive.

Recently, a sibling asked me to send her the photos, because she hasn't seen them in a while.  While I completely understood her need and urge to have them, I am finding it hard to give up that "control".   I have had many years of watching people separate and make things permanent in whatever way they can... including burning boxes of photos.  While this has not ever happened with my blood-relatives, I am still terrified to release these photos "into the wild".

Through multiple emails, I have finally reached the conclusion that I need to release them. I need to not have the total control that I think I want.  I need to trust that they will be handled appropriately and returned when the time is right, if it ever is.

It's tough, let me tell you.  But it is time.

Have you ever had to let go of something very important and close to your heart?  How did it feel?  Were you successful?  Like the image above, did you find the beauty of Release?  Please, share with me and help me let go of these photos... help me to trust in the release. 

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