Motivation Monday!

Hello from California!
I am here working with Rachel on the next 6 months of AMAZING kits for SFTIO. For me, this is my ESCAPE!

Recently, many people ask me... how I do this, my full-time job as an apparel designer, being a Mom, board chair for my local theatre and an advocate for local art and the ability to dream. (if you want to know more just drop me a note!) That is because for me.... ART is my ESCAPE!

I truly believe in the POWER of dreaming... and the ability to allow yourself to express those dreams, concerns, joys, stresses, happinesses, troubles, laughs and every emotion in between on paper, on canvas, within words, in sculpture and how ever YOU feel it is ART. 

So as I sit here with Rachel dreaming about how we can help you express yourself over the next 6 months, and really for me.... ESCAPE in this world of color, trim, and bling, how are you escaping today? 

(ok.... being here might work for me too!!!)

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I'm just a simple gal said...

oh, I wanna go there. The place in the picture looks gorgeous :)