Mini Escape!

Before we get started with our Escape challenges, I thought it would be fun to talk about the many escapes in life.  For example, this weekend I am planning an 'escape'.  I will be escaping work, home, the Hubs, the kids, the furries... and all sorts of chore-type-activities.  Instead, I will be driving with a friend up to Wisconsin to see another friend and we're going to scrapbook our hearts out all weekend.

I was telling someone at work about taking the time off this week and next in order to make the drive out and back and she said to me, "You sure do take a lot of time off."  (She was commenting because I had just taking a couple of days off last week to work on a home improvement project.)  And she's right!  I do take a lot of time off, but it's not all at once, like so many others at my day job.  This year, especially, I have taken a day (or two) off here and there rather than an entire vacation week.

And you know what? I really like that!  It has made for a very pleasant year this year.  Long weekends by adding a Friday or a Thursday-Friday or a Friday-Monday off.  Spending time with friends at scrapbooking events.  A quick trip "home" to see family.  I really have had a blast this year!  I really think that these mini-escapes have been more rejuvenating for me than a full week off.  It has allowed me to have more time off to look forward to, since it has been spread out throughout the year.  After each one ended, there was something else to look forward to in the next month.   I am really happy and think the mini escape is truly my "way to go" for finding peace and having fun.

How about you?  Do you like the longer escapes, or have you tried out the mini escapes I'm talking about?  What do you think? 

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