What's Hiding in the Communication Kit?

Wow!  I'm just back from a long weekend away and stopped over at the Inside Out boards and found this gem.  Kate Vickers, a new member of our design team, shared all kinds of hidden embellishments and alphabets in our current kit.  Check it out! 

Hidden Embellishments and Alphabets in Your Communication Kit!

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to share with you some hidden gems within this kit that you may not be aware of. There are tons and tons of hidden embellishments and alphabets contained within your kit. Yep, YOUR kit. No, don't search through your recycling to see if you missed something in the box... Let me show you what I'm talking about.

With the Viewmaster paper, you can cut out the individual viewmaster images and use them to tuck behind photos and other page elements, like this:

I cut out some of the secretaries from this paper (don't worry, no secretaries were harmed!).

To add interest to this page:

I cut out nearly all of the coloured items on this page to create extra journalling spots and embellishments. You will notice the "LISTO LEADS" rectangle (top left) appears on the top right of the layout above. I popped it up with 3D foam tape and you have an instant interesting embellishment. The blue 'Parcel Post' item at the bottom became a journalling spot on another layout.

This paper contains an extra alphabet set. I cut the letters out using a 1/2 inch circle punch that I got from Wal-Mart for about $4.

Here is the 'extra' alphabet in use as a part of my page title:

I used the Instamatic paper a lot on my layouts as well. I just cut out a few of the cameras and poped them up with 3D foam. I added buttons in the middle of the camera lens for some extra flair.

Here is the result:

Thanks for joining me! I hope that you like my ideas and I can't wait to see you use some of them.  

Thank YOU, Kate!  These are great ideas and tips.  Very inspirational!  To see more of Kate's great layouts, visit our Design Team Gallery!

How about you.... what will you do with Kate's tips and ideas?

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This is such a great post, Kate! :)