Motivation Mondays!

Happy Monday! (or are you on the downslide from the weekend???) 
Well... we are here to help you find your GET UP AND GO on a Monday... 
start the week with a BANG... 
get out those supplies.. get those creative juices flowing and START!

When deciding what to blog about for today.. I wanted to use our new AMAZING kit.. COMMUNICATION and talk about how for me, friends have truly become my lifeline in this journey of everyday. As the old saying, "You can not pick your family, but you can pick your friends". 

Facebook, texting, SKYPE, unlimited calling plans, email, and so many other communication tools have made it all so easy to keep in touch with one another. Yet, sometimes I find that being behind a computer can be isolating and I LOVE to hear the laughter of my friends. Use that "secret" language that we all understand in just a stare. See the look when we all notice the same thing. A touch, a hug or a nod of the head can go such a long way! 

I found this on Pinterest

In everyday life, sometimes it is so hard to remember that. But, that is why the WORDS we use must be honest. And yes, that is HARD. You don't want to hurt someone. But in my life, I have found that open and honest communication is 
1. A learned skill  (do you know about assertive communication, passive communication, aggressive communication, or a mix of them all?)
2. Something that is HARD to do when emotions are running high. (ok.. it is hard in general)
3. A MUST in any relationship. Significant Other, friend, sibling, child. 
4. Having a true understanding about what you want
5. Only able to happen when you have confidence in yourself (see #4)

Diana also was feeling the same thing when she worked on her layouts for the month. 

How do you communicate with honesty? Is it hard for you? A learned skill? Or something you were always good at? I would love to hear about how you listen to your heart. How you communicate with YOURSELF! 

Have a great week!!!


Rachel said...

Love this Tam!

I didn't grow up in a family where honesty was appreciated, but I seem to have been born to be honest. I had to lie a lot at home, but mostly to be myself! Weird...

I love that I get to be the real me and let people know how I feel. I agree that you must have confidence to do so...the knowledge that you can handle whatever the reaction or repercussions.

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

This is a terrific post, Tammy!
I know that with true friends I can be honest and that makes all of the difference :)