Getting Started and Finishing It

Hi everyone out in blogland!

I thought I would share something other than a technique or tutorial this month. Instead, I wanted to take you on a journey on how I approached one of my layouts focused on this months emotion/topic COMMUNICATION. If you are new or find yourself scratching your head; wondering where to begin - take a look at the bottom of About Us/Our Story page.

The way I approach my layouts is to think about the emotional response I have to whatever the months topic is. Sometimes the word isn't a straight up emotion - take COMMUNICATION for example. But you can still approach it from an emotional stand point, inside out style.

Something that came to mind was how misunderstood I seem to be. Not to everyone, but I've learned from a few folks, recently, that my confidence is intimidating. Therefore, they were nervous to meet me or get to know me. Bear in mind these are people who see me in person. It was flattering and annoying at the same time. Ha! Flattered that I seem to come across more confident that I truly am but annoying because I began to wonder, "do others hold back from talking me, inviting me or approaching me because they assume I'm so confident?"

My first step with my layouts is to journal. I just write on piece of scratch paper or type on a word document. Most of the time I type. I can type faster than I can write.

After my journaling is complete, I begin to look for a photo. Notice I haven't picked out product yet. That comes after the photo. The reason is because I want to make sure the colors and patterns I choose, compliment the photo. On the rare occasion, I begin with product - especially when I pull from the symbolism. Thankfully, this kit is so full of symbolism there is no escaping it no matter what papers and embellishments used!

Sometimes I need a song or a quote to help me with the title. This time I just used a statement that I would want to say to everyone. JUST TALK TO ME. Don't assume. Don't be afraid. And I'll do my part to be aware of my facial expressions, mannerisms, etc. I don't want to pretend but I do want to be inviting. It's a two way street... this thing called communication.

Once the product is selected, I begin with the design. Sometimes I already have something in my head and sometimes I need a sketch to give a good jump start. Sometimes I'll arrange things, walk away and come back and do it all over again before committing to the design.
I love the photo I used for this layout... my journaling is saying one thing while the photo is me being a goofball... giving off a smug look... 

I hope that this little article has given you some help while working through your own layouts. The most important component, I have found, is how I feel when I'm done. Because our layouts here are about US... it's important to take note of how we are doing when it's finished. This felt good to get out. It felt good to share it on my blog too. Not too complain or seek affirmation... but just to let it out and with the hopes that others may identify.

Can't wait to see what YOU create using your COMMUNICATION kit!


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