Flashback to Freedom

In July 2008, when Scrapbooking from the Inside Out was just starting out, they explored the topic of Freedom.  Today, I thought this was a great topic to revisit, especially with our current topic of Communication.  What is better than Freedom to Communicate?  I think that's truly what we're all about here at Inside Out... have complete freedom to communicate.  Where else can you go and feel so save to express all of the amazing emotions that swirl around inside of us?  I have found that the freedom to express myself... to explore my inner world... always starts HERE.

So.  I bounced back to our gallery from then, and found some amazing layouts by some people you may recognize... our founder, Rachel and Paige, our Special Projects Coordinator. 

Free to Choose - Rachel Kaufman

I Am Who I Am - Paige Ramos

In addition, a couple layouts by Nancy Doren and Bjay Jaminal. members of our very first design team, expressing Freedom from their perspectives:

Express Yourself - Bjay Jaminal

That Black Cloud - Nancy Doren

Wow.  Just some very cool stories being communicated there, expressing freedom or lack of freedom. 

That is what we're all about here.  Freedom and communication.  Do you feel free?  Do you feel free to communicate?  I know that in my every day life, I wear a mask... I hide and show only certain "faces" to certain people.  But here at Inside Out, I do feel a lot more free to express myself.

Please, join us.  We have so much going on over in our community with great supports and open hearts.  And lots, and lots, and lots of inspiration for all topics, including our galleries all the way back to from the day we were "born".  Come and be free...


Queen Mary said...

Kai, Thanks for sharing these. I am always amazed by the depth of thought that goes into these layouts! What an incredibly self aware/self examining group of artists!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I think I am getting better at being able to communicate my thoughts and feelings in a positive way. Not being afraid to say what is on my mind. That is a huge step for me :)

lynda said...

Nancy's layout is so honest that I just had to leave a comment. I too suffer from depression & am so impressed that she can write about it for the world to see. Thanks.