"His, Hers and The Truth"

"All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."
Friedrich Nietzsche

I have raised three (step) kids.  It has been an adventure!  Over time I have seen that the two older siblings have really tortured (not literally) and attempted to warp the youngest kidling (because isn't that what siblings do?).  Over time, they would pull on her, figuratively, like a tug-rope, trying to get her to side with them.  This included the "stories" that were told in explanation to something that may have happened (you know, when "nobody" broke the lamp).  Later, when they were older and fighting each other, they would tell her their side of the story and whomever got to her first held her captive attention and she would "back" them against the other sibling.

I have tried, time and time again, to impart that there are two sides to every story.  But as I considered this, watching the various battles, I realized that there's really three sides.  Because of everyone's individual perspective and world vision, each person has a "side" with the third "side" as the Truth.

I believe that each party in a situation will firmly feel that their understanding, their observations, their thoughts, their feelings will be "the truth".  It is so easy to just accept that.  But everyone is different, with different life experiences that influence how they perceive a situation.  It most definitely does not mean that person is wrong... but it also shouldn't be assumed that s/he is 100% right.  

Now that the youngest is sixteen, whenever there is an argument... among siblings, friends, or other family... and she vents to me or sides with one  person over the other, I say to her, "Remember, there are three sides to every story..." and she will complete my sentence with, "His, Hers and the Truth."

If that's the only thing I can get her to embrace, I think she will be able to live with eyes open, and see that her siblings or friends maybe viewing the Truth through tinted vision... and ultimately decide her own Truth

And I'm happy with that.

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