Fun with Glimmer Glaze

Over on Inside Out's message boards, we always have fun tips and tricks from our design team members.  This month's kit contains Glimmer Glaze and I was so excited and appreciative when Melissa posted some of her how-to's and creative uses of this new-to-me tool.  I thought perhaps you might want to see some fun ways to use Glimmer Glaze too. 

So... without further ado... here you go!

Fun with Glimmer Glaze

I've decided I really like Glimmer Glaze. I bought a couple of bottles awhile back from my local stamping store. The colors were discontinued so they were on clearance. Loved it! And we get a bottle in this months' kit too. This stuff is so much fun to experiment with so I thought I'd share with you a couple of things I did with it on my layouts.

First up is pairing it with the stencil. At first, I tried to use the brush that's attached to the cap but didn't like how it looked. I remembered I had a package of Fastastix, which are little coloring brushes. In the past, I've used these for watercolors or with stamps. It worked perfect! I dipped the end into the Glimmer Glaze and then colored in the words.

When I used the brush to color in the stencil, the color bled a bit when I attempted the flowers. I let the glaze dry, then took the stencil and traced over it with my white gel pen. Kind of a fun look. It looks like it is a resist... it really isn't. Tricky, huh???

You could also pour some in a spritz bottle and spray on your projects.

I actually dipped the brush in and let it splatter and drip on my layout. You'll probably notice lots of my layouts lately have splatter paint on them. Just a fun little technique I've been enjoying. We'll see how long it lasts. But I do like the unique, watery, shimmery look the glaze leaves.

Have fun with your Glimmer Glaze!  

Would you like to play with Glimmer Glaze? I know I'm ready to be brave with it.  How about exploring your TruthGet your kit now, before it's too late!  Join us over in our community and share your inspiration!

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