Mid-Week Contentment

Today, I am finding my inspiration in the layouts our fantastic design team produced in their exploration of Contentment.  I thought I'd stop by and share a few with you...

Jennifer Matott

Nicole Martel

Bonita Rose Kempenich

Melissa Elsner

I love how all four of these talented women shared a piece of their own personal contentment with us.  Jen shared her peace and contentment while viewing a Monet painting.  Bonita Rose and Melissa both shared a happy place, where they find sanctuary.  And Nicole shared her contentment with her son, but her discontentment with her lack of "me time". 

Each person's designs makes me want to go straight to my scrapbook table and "lift" elements. 

What do you think?  Ready to scrapbook some contentment?  Where will you start?

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