Everything's Coming Up... Daffodils!

Hey y'all...

I'm back with another Iron Scrapper challenges.  If you're new to the blog, let me give you a little background:  Iron Scrapper is one of the many fun "games" we play over in our community boards at Inside Out.  Iron Scrapper is open to anyone who has the guts to take on the challenge and (usually) has nothing to do with our current month's topic (which is Grace, by the way... have you seen its beauty?).

Anyhoo... I'm here to challenge you to use this photo


and incorporate it into a layout. 

Yes, it's that simple!

However... *rubs hands evilly*... if you are interested in a bigger challenge, then here's a bit of a design twist:

Use the photo in the layout without it being about what it is, a flower.

Does that get your creative scrappy synapses firing?

Here's the whole deal... to play along with the gals over in our community, scrap your layout and then upload it in our Iron Scrapper challenge gallery... and then post in the Iron Scrapper challenge forum and let us know you're playing along.  If you're not interested in the possibility of winning a prize, then feel free to play along at home and share a link to your layout here on the blog.

For challenge takers, all layouts need to be posted in our challenge gallery by midnight Pacific time, Saturday, March 31st. 

C'mon... it's a great day to play along, yes?  I hope to see your creations!!

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