Day Dreams


There are two kinds of dreams in the world, those you have during the day when you are awake, and those you have at night while you are sleeping.  We'll talk about those crazy night dreams later, but today I wanted to delve into our day dreams.

Day dreams can be focused or vague.  You can sit and stare out the window, letting your thoughts flit about... "dreaming" about one thing or another, or you can consciously think about wishes for your future... dreams, so to speak.  Day dreams come from a place of wishing, wanting, needing, and hoping.  They can be very realistic dreams, for example, dreaming of the day you will finish your new patio and how beautiful it will be; dreaming of the gatherings of friends that will happen there in the near and far future.  Or, they can be more distant, seemingly unattainable, such as becoming President one day or winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big believer in dreams... even those big ones that seem too unrealistic to ever materialize.  But if you don't dream 'em up, they really can't ever happen.  You have to think it before you can achieve it... and that's the greatest things about day dreams.  They allow you to set in motion great things for your life that you will eventually achieve... as long as you just start by dreaming it.

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."
Walt Disney

No dream is too big.  Today I'd love to share with you a couple of my more recent day dreams...

My most focused dream of late is getting fit and feeling comfortable in my own skin.  I dream about wearing certain clothing or being in certain situations where I am feeling wonderful about myself because of my fitness level. 

I also dream about the day I will be debt free.  It will be a far-from-now dream come true, but I am already working on making this one happen as soon as possible.  I dream of using money to live, and not living for money's sake.  I want to work because I like what I am doing and not because I desperately need more cash.

Another huge dream of mine is to see all three of my kids grow to be healthy, sane and responsible adults who are actively contributing something to society and being the best of everything they can be for themselves.  I want them to be happy and secure.  This is something that plagues me because it seems that this dream flits about and may never come true.  But I keep reminding myself that my dreams for them may not be their own dreams for themselves. 

But I will keep dreaming.


And last but not least, I dream of being a published author.   I often cut myself down saying that this is silly and it will never happen.  But then I think, "why not?" 

If I can dream it, and I have the courage to pursue it, it can Be.

How about YOU?  What do YOU daydream about?  Please share in a comment or wander over to our community and share your dreams with us!


Tammy said...

I dream about inspiring... I want to teach... I want to take all of the passion in me and show it to the world. I want to take my love for all that is creative and beautiful and share it. I know that I have a gift. Now, I just need to figure out how to share it. (and be able to support my family!!!)

Katie_Bolinger said...

We have a lot of the same dreams. fitness, raising my son, being published.