Exclusive Content: Dream Journal

Our design team shares Exclusive Content on our message board. It's free. It's informative. Beautiful and Inspirational. For this little sneak I'm sharing my content creating a Dream Journal. We all have dreams. Some are recurring one's that leave us wondering what they mean. Why do we keep having them? Or perhaps something happens in our dreams that sticks with us. I was always told it's good to write down my dreams. You never know what wonders they can unlock. Naturally, I wanted to create a dream journal using mostly elements from our February DREAM kit.

Using the above supplies, I was able to assemble a mixed media Dream Journal. I've already recorded several dreams that seem to be coming back. Not sure, entirely, what they mean but it has helped to write them out. And having something creative to write them in makes it even more fun!

Come on over to the forum to see more of how I constructed the cover to my dream journal. And then, perhaps, make your very own!

If you are not a current member of the forum, there is a brief delay as all registrations require validation. It's painless and well worth it. We have a great community going on.

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