Behind the Scenes with Melissa

Here on the SFTIO blog, we are going to start taking you "behind the scenes", so to speak. What does that mean? Well, a lot of symbolism and emotion go into our layouts. We want to continue inspiring you and helping you along in your journey whether you use our kits or not. So, the design team will be sharing a little bit more information about one of their layouts each month. We're excited to walk alongside you and share with you how we use the contents of the kits as we explore each month's topic.

I am sharing one of my layouts this month, using the DREAM kit.

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes

What prompted you to pick this "take" on Dream?
The lyrics to the song popped into my head, immediately, when I dug into this kit. Being more confidant has always been a dream of mine. Something that I could envision myself being - more confidant, sure but not arrogant. 

Why did you choose this photo?
This photo epitomizes the fact that I'm becoming more comfortable in my own skin. I am a ham. But I haven't always been. I'm so aware of how I look. That I'm not a skinny person. That I have a double chin. Yet, the past couple of years I've grown to embrace that and this photo is one of those moments. I really liked my goofy smile too. 

What symbolism did you try to bring through your design? 
Blue is a dreamy, calm color. When one is NOT confidant, there is some angst and unrest going on within. But blue is calm and exemplifies the feeling that might come with being at peace with yourself. I wanted lots of blue. The butterflies are a perfect way to symbolize new revelation of oneself. After going through a painful process from caterpillar and becoming the butterfly, I love the freedom and beauty they can symbolize. I also liked the lady inside the heart. That die cut that is part of the kit was perfect for this layout because I'm learning to love myself more and more.

How did you feel about the message of the layout? 
This is a "feel good" message and I like it very much. Every time I look at it, it makes me smile. Not just because of the composition or that it's a pretty layout... but because I love what it is encouraging me to do... to remember... and, again, I really like that photo of me! 

Why did you choose to show your journaling? 
I usually don't hide my journaling unless it's a design issue. For example, if I get so into the layering and gluing that I forget to leave room to journal, I'll do some hidden journaling. Otherwise, I like to have it out in the open. Also, it can be used as a design component, like it is on this layout to help with balance.

Tell us a little bit about how you feel now that this layout is done.
As with most of my SFTIO layouts, it feels great. It's almost like verbally admitting something deep within. It becomes reality. And now it is permanently on paper for the world to see. No turning back. Everyone knows that I'm working on my confidence. And that's okay with me because I hope someone can relate, nod their head, breathe a sigh of relief and then journal something similar. Creating this layout (and all my layouts really) is art therapy. Each technique, cut of the paper, written word - is therapy. And this one left me feeling exhilarated. 


And here is where we would normally thank the designer for sharing their thoughts and the "behind the scenes" information! Can I thank myself? Mmm... I feel more comfortable thanking YOU for going on a little journey with me and do come join us on the forum as we all continue on this journey together. 


Bonita Rose said...

this is a fabulous idea Melissa... I can't wait to share more of me here with all of you! xo hugs xo thks for starting this feature!

Christy said...

Melissa, I absolutely love what you shared here. Thank you very much :)


Jennifer Matott (Sigmagirl) said...

This was such a great way to find out more about one of your layouts and about who you are as a designer and person! I loved learning more! Beautiful layout too!