A Challenge to Have No Fear!

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It’s challenge time here at Inside Out.  Our first challenge for Individuality has been posted in our community.  Would you like to play along?  It’s thought-provoking, challenging, sometimes a little nerve-wracking but ALWAYS so much fun!  This first challenge is about showing or hiding your true self.  And it has a doozy of a design twist!
Consider this:
No Fear: When we show people we have nothing to hide and what you see is what you get we show our true individuality. Does this scare you? Do you show your true self to all in your life? Why or why not?
I have to admit, I hide. I’m a good hider.  That’s probably not something to be proud of, but it is the truth.  I am afraid to share my full and true self to all in my life because I have an even bigger fear of ridicule and rejection.   But growing inside of me over the past few years is an increasing desire to be fully me, to show fully who I am and not hide what I believe in.  That desire will eventually overcome my fear of rejection (probably when I’m, like, 88 years old) and then I will be FREE to express myself one-hundred percent.

Are you different?  Are you already there, being 100% authentic?  Oh, how I envy you.  Or are you like me, hiding bits and pieces because you wish to be accepted, even if it means you’re not technically accepted completely? 
It’s a pretty deep thought.  The layout I’d like to create is already forming in my mind.  Now… to embrace the design challenge:

Please create a LO about whether you show your true self or hide something. Please be BRAVE and use a pic of yourself that isn't a favorite - but one that shows a side of you others may not see...are you being silly? playful? angry?
There’s a big step for me.  A photo that isn’t my favorite?  Well, I certainly have plenty to choose from!

So… will you join me, please?  At least share your thoughts on the No Fear journaling prompt in the comments below.  I oh-so hope, though, that you will join us to do the entire challenge.  Stop in over at the community and see interpretations by other brave challenge-takers.  Post your layout in our challenge gallery and watch all of the wonderful supportive comments appear.  And who knows, for your effort and your display of amazing individuality, you might win the challenge prize!
Please join us!

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