A Road Map (or 5) to Growth...

Hi Friends!  I'm back with another tutorial that I'd like to share.  Well... this isn't actually a tutorial but rather a post FILLED with fun and inspiring starting points to get you scrappin'.  Pamela has shared with us her love of scrap graphs (aka sketches) and not only provided us with some to use, but also had our design team members join in to create a layout using the Growth kit for even more ideas and inspiration!  Let's check it out, shall we?


This month, I decided to share something I find very inspirational, especially when I am stuck...  SCRAP GRAPHS (aka “page maps" or "sketches").  I love making SCRAP GRAPHS!  And, I love using them to create my pages.  I turn them on their sides, upside-down, and even switch things out, but I love having a place to start.

Come to think of it, it really is like using a road map.  Imagine going on a journey to a new city, and not even knowing if you should head east or west when you start out.   A map gives you your bearings, your plan.  That way, once you get headed in the right direction, you can then feel confident to veer off the beaten path, or even take a side-trip, on your way to your destination.

This is a lesson I emphasize with my art students. I give them the basic directions for a project, which allows them to confidently get started, but it also allows them to be creative with their outcome... to surprise themselves...and me too!

Take a look at the SCRAP GRAPHS I created below.  Perhaps you might find them helpful to start you on your journey through using the new Growth kit.   (Hint... Hint... Hint...Once you have it in hand, dig right in... No excuses!  Don’t have one yet?  Go buy one now!)

In addition to the SCRAP GRAPHS, for even more inspiration, I’m sharing with you some layouts that I created from this month's Growth kit using the featured scrap graphs: 

Scrap Graph #1

Scrap Graph #2

Scrap Graph #3

Scrap Graph #4

Scrap Graph #5

My challenge to you is to be open to the creative opportunities that graphs offer, and to get a jump on creating "about yourself" with your SFTIO kits, whether it be Growth, or any of the other beautiful SFTIO kits you have waiting for you in your art space.

If you want more inspirational SCRAP GRAPHS, visit my blog.  I have added a slide show of the past SCRAP GRAPHS that I have created.

P.S... Please share your graph interpretations on your blog and then link us up from here, or in the Inside Out gallery, so we may all revel in your genius! 

Yes, yes... please do share if you decide to use one of these Scrap Graphs.  These are awesome Pamela, thanks so much.  I know where to go when I need a launching point... right here!  

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