Lay It Out - Outgrowing

Have you ever outgrown something?  I'm not talking about those jeans that are too-tight because you just ate a half of a pint of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (oops, that was me!), but suddenly (or not so suddenly) realized that you are no longer "within" something that once was important to you?  Or perhaps still is important, but it just doesn't fit anymore?  Like the goldfish in the picture above... he's outgrown his home, possibly the only home he's ever known.  I wonder what he's thinking... feeling.

Have you experienced something like that?  Or is it just me? I'll bet you've experienced outgrowing something.  Let's look at this a little more closely.  Here are some questions and thoughts for you about outgrowing:

Outgrowing - how do you know if you've outgrown a friend or a relationship? Is outgrowing about growing beyond or growing apart? How did you handle the separation? Have you been able to separate amicably, or with rancor? Has someone ended a relationship with you because they believed they had outgrown you? what about moving beyond or outgrowing family members? What part of separating from family is, for you, a natural or normal part of the maturation process? Create a LO about outgrowing a friend or family member, or a love interest.

What do you say?  Let's Lay It Out

I had a very close friend when I was young.  We were BFF's before BFF was a popular "term".  We began outgrowing each other in 7th and 8th grade.  I denied it for a long time... ignored it... cried.  It was complete when we entered high school and finally went our separate ways.  I was very bitter for a very long time.  You can bet I'm going to lay this out... it's time to let it free. 

How about you? 

Oh!  While you're working on laying it out, here's a design twist to challenge you:
Use floral or vine images to demonstrate a connection that veers away and separates.

C'mon, get crafty!  Then come on over to the Inside Out gallery and share your layout with us.   That's where mine will be when it's done!

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