Lay It Out! Money, Money, Money, Muh-ney!

Hi Friends!

I gave you a few tidbits of inspiration the last time I visited, now let's give you a boost into creating your own layout about Independence.  Hmmmm... let's focus on money and independence.

Money: Are you self-supporting? Do you struggle with your financial condition? How has your relationship with money changed over the years? Is there such a thing as 'enough' money? Does your income define who you are in any way, or your profession? Has anyone ever held you 'hostage' over finances, or has it been a dividing line in an intimate relationship?

That should get your journaling and creative juices flowing.  But I just can't leave without a little more inspiration. How about this quote?

"Every woman should have a purse of her own."  ~ Susan B. Anthony

Okay, so let's get to it.  Give it a try!  Create a LO about your relationship to money and then head on over to Inside Out and share it with us in your own personal gallery.  Or, blog about it and link us up here. 

Oh, and one more thing... try a design twist.  Try using a pocket or purse image or design in some way to illuminate your point...

That's it from me for today.  Ready?  Set.... Go!


janine said...

I remember a time when I used to love money. It was just before my 20s, and probably a few years into my 20s. But, once I moved out of my parents home, everything about money changed. I hate it now....lol But, despite having said that, this project is a great idea!!

Kai said...

Hahaha Janine... my kids as they've moved into adulthood are having that same change of mind about money. My eldest even said, "I don't want it (life) to be all about money." Well, guess what, pretty girl, if you want to go out and play, you have to work first to get the money to play. My son is now learning the power that money plays... and not the good connotation. Let's see the layout! :)