Kit Giveaway on the CK Blog

Hey all - believe it or not we have another giveaway of the FRIENDSHIP kit to share - and a lesson about how to scrap about (and learn about) yourself by scrapping about the ones you love in a reflective way.

You already know how we feel here at SFTIO about scrapbooking about yourself, but there's a lot to be learned about yourself through the filter of your relationships. Enter the FRIENDSHIP kit. Now, the focus is on the people whom you've chosen to mean the most in your life. There’s a way that these two kinds of scrapbooking connect beautifully. With this kit, we're scrapbooking about someone we love from OUR perspective – that is, how they influence us and what they help us learn about ourselves.

Join me on Saturday over the the CK Blog where I'll be guest posting on this subject with some wonderful examples of how reflecting on others helps you learn about you. You'll get some great insight from our designers and about yourself.

I'm a tease:

Check out my post on Saturday and leave a comment there to be entered to win. Or get your kit now before they all go bye-bye! The price is simply unbeatable - 39.99 with your six month subscription plus two gorgeous free gifts, and it's got what other clubs offer in a kit plus a sneaky add-on. No upselling tricks here - it's all in one!

See you soon!


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