Tag! (and a Bonus)

Hello out there in blogland!  Did you miss me?  Yes, it's me, Kai, back again to share with you some oh-so cool things  going on in our Inside Out community.  Forgive my absence, sometimes things just happen and before you know it,  a month has passed!  Ever had one of those days...er... months?

Today, I was hanging out on the forums and noticed  Melissa not only posted a bunch of great ideas on how to use a very common  element, but she also noted that this "element" is actually a current subscriber bonus.  So if you haven't subscribed to the kit club yet, and you love what Melissa shared, then sign on NOW and get these great little extra goodies. 

Here's Melissa's tag tutorial...

Bits & Tags

Each month we offer subscriber bonuses. This month I'm going to give some tips and tricks on using The Classics Bits Tags by American Crafts that come in the bonus. I have been, in the past, at a loss on what to do with these little pieces of paper. The AC ones are so cute. Some with little places to journal and others covered with designs.

I wanted to dare myself on what to do with them and use them to their full potential. The first thing I thought about was using them as a backdrop to an embellishment. I crumpled them up a tiny bit and used the whole of the tags to hang my hanger on this layout:

Adds a nice touch, don't you think?

I then thought, why not use them as a banner? Banners are a very popular element and design enhancement on lots of projects this past year. These tags are perfect for hanging from a piece of twine or ribbon. The whole is already punched out for you and you can hang them right across your page or use them to hold part of the title like I did on this layout:

The final thing I thought to do was, not use the tags completely as they were viewed as using. Does that make sense? Not taking the embellishment at face value. One of the tags had a sweet sentiment on it so I cut it out and used it a smaller title piece for this layout:

Whether you received tags as part of the bonus or if you've got some hanging out in your stash, bust them out and try using them on your layouts in creative ways. And have fun!
Great tricks and tips, Melissa!  I know I love tags and sometimes get a little bored with using them on my layouts and cards the same ol' same old way.  I hope everyone, who hasn't already, runs on over to Inside Out and signs up for a 6-month subscription and get this fab taggy bonus as well as another lovely subscriber bonus.  Want see the other one?  Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of the buy-a-kit page!

I'm off to play with tags, until the next inspiration is posted in the forums and then I promise  to be right back here sharing it with all of you.  Don't want to wait?  Join us in the Inside Out community.  We'd LOVE to see you there!

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Sugar said...

thanks for the great ideas. I have bags full of tags. I cleaned out my scraps a few months ago and made tags and circles.. now just need to use em :)