How About a Challenge?

So, how did everyone do yesterday with the giveaway?  Did you win?  Let us know!  We certainly want to see your layouts, whether you won the kit or not.  Join us with this month's emotion: Reflection, and share some of your inner world with us!

To help you out a little, how about a little challenge?  Each month on the Inside Out community boards, we provide little "pushes" to help you get thinking about the topic and get you started to scrappin' those thoughts.  So here you are, the first challenge of the month for Reflection:

Mirror Image: In what areas of your life does seeing things backwards make a difference? Do you ever take a purposeful look at a situation from the opposite angle you'd usually take? If you could write yourself a note in the steam on the bathroom mirror, or have someone else write it for you, what message would you want to read, knowing that it would disappear and you only had a few moments to take it in?
For our first challenge, please create a LO about choosing to look at a situation the opposite way you normally would. For the design twist, write yourself a note as you would on a bathroom mirror...lots of interesting messages and materials to use!
Now, have your creative juices started flowing?  Give us your thoughts on how you'd scrapbook this challenge around a piece of your inner self?    Or, better yet, share your layout in a safe environment with the rest of our Inside Out community!

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