Fun With Smooch Spritz

You just never know what fun things our design team will think of.  Melissa Elsner decided that this kit had something new and fun to play with and came up with this great tutorial.  Check it out!

Fun With Smooch Spritz

I have always wanted to play with ink or paint spritzers. I don't own any of my own and have played a little bit with some at my old LSS and at events like CHA. So imagine my delight seeing a bottle of Smooch Spritz in our January kits! Yahoo!

I immediately opened it up and began to experiment with different ways to spray it, items to spray it on and thought I would share with all of you the outcome of those experiments.

First of all, I love that this spritz has some shimmer to it. I am a fan of anything shiny, glittery and shimmery. You can use the spritz in several ways. Here is a photo showing the way it looks when you spray close to paper, far away AND taking the nozzle off and flicking it with the little hose.

Fun right? I'm goin to show you two things in particular I did with the spray. First, the Parisian Anthology paper from Pink Paislee was made to be inked!

I sprayed close and far away all over the paper. Then helped wipe it away with some tissue over the resistant parts of the paper.

Then I thought, "Hey, you can use this stuff on flowers too!" I grabbed some white flowers that I have in my stash and went to town.


I couldn't stop again so I sprayed a bunch of flowers and used them on a couple of layouts.

I am still finding ways to use this stuff. Most recently, I poured a little bit out of the bottle and used a brush to smear some on a project. It gave a really cool, shimmery, watercolor look.

My rule of thumb? Don't just take things at face value. Just because the Smooch Spritz comes in a little spray bottle, it doesn't mean you have to use it that way. So go... be daring... and have fun spritzing and smearing.
Those flowers are cuuu-uute!  I'd better find my kit so I can play around with the smooch spritz too... thanks for all the great ideas Melissa!  


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