Wonderful World Layout Inspiration

The lovely and amazing Nancy Doren created this WONDERFUL layout using our amazing December kit, WONDER.

Journaling reads: A kitten’s pink nose. Green eyes. Snow on the Peak. The inside of an orange. Warm breezes. Stars over mountains. Seashells. The world is amazing...and I am in awe of nature. Sometimes the beauty takes my breath away and I am filled with wonder.

There were so many more things I wanted to put on the list... I could go on forever!

Nancy's LO inspired me in a number of ways - the design, of course, and the way she integrated so many photos, but especially her ability to see the WONDER and beauty in small things in life.

Some of you who know me on Facebook (and IRL) know that I lost one of my best friends a month ago yesterday.

Boy, do I need to keep looking at Nancy's LO...it's important to try again to enjoy some of the little joys, the tiny pleasures that are all around me. Here goes:

  • My puppy's sweet paws

  • Farmer's Market Veggies

  • Where I Live
  • Feeding Lorikeets at the Zoo
  • BFFs

  • Romance in Napa

  • Making Pooris (Indian Bread)

  • This Man

  • And This One ;)

Thanks for the reminder, N.

What small pleasures could you embrace today?


lizzyc said...

thank you for your emotional post.. yes we do experience sadness in our life, so a good way to pick ourselves up is to count our blessings.. of which i have many.. thank you..

Christa said...

So sorry you have gone through so much this past month.
This post brings a smile to my face though! There is definitely so much to be thankful for still in your life!

Fabi Ormerod said...

Lovely pictures and sorry to hear about your loss. We have so many blessings right? Its just that sometimes we forget them!