Announcing our New Design Team

I am pleased and honored to announce the SFTIO DT for January-June 2011 under the ever-incredible leadership of Nancy Doren. My gratitude knows no bounds...the amazing applications we received were full of what SFTIO is all about - heart, soul and depth. Thank you to all of you for your bravery, and please stay with us on this amazing journey.

Melissa Elsner
Diana Kennedy
Felecia Krech
Fabiane Ormerod
Christa Paustenbaugh
Patricia Zimmerman

We'll be sharing more on the new WONDER kit later today.

In the meantime, although this last month has been a tough one, today I am reminded how lucky I am that I get to share what I love about scrapbooking with all of you. Thank you for embracing my dream and bringing your own unique voice to my world.



Patty said...

Very happy to be given a chance to be a part of this wonderful community. Thank you ladies.

Fabi Ormerod said...

Yupppiiiiiiiiiiiiii thanks for this chance! Im looking forward to meet you all girls (Hi Melissa!!!! glad we'd be together here2). XX

Sarah aka Byclops said...

Huge congrats to all the ladies, but especially Mel & Fabi!!!!

Cherie said...

well done ladies, will look forward to seeing all of your creations over the next 6 months.

Katie Scott Scrapbooking said...


Keely Yowler said...

BIG Congrats, gals!!!

Lynn said...

congrats to everyone!