New 'Out of the Box' Texture Tutorial and our New Design Team

Wanna break out of the box? Our DT Member Rita has created this great tutorial on using non-traditional supplies for great texture on your LOs - including a box...what fabulous ideas! Perfect for use with our yummy November GENEROSITY kit, but of course these ideas and techniques can be used with any materials...enjoy, and thanks, Rita!

Creating Texture with Nontraditional Scrapbooking Supplies

by Rita Barakat

Usually I scrap using acid free items but once in a while I just use want I want. Now if you are determined that everything be acid free, Krylon makes an acid free spray that you can use on your memorabilia. I have wanted to try cardboard for a long time so I started with the box my SFTIO goodies came in. I cut it to a 12X12 because I like that size. Then I took a scissors to the corner to peel back the top layer, if it tore no big deal- definitely not going for perfection here! I scraped off some off the sections leaving an uneven textured surface. I used a little Moon Glow spray (comparable to glimmer mist but color is darker) because I love a little glitter!

Texture paste - love this stuff. it comes in different colors and you can paint it when it's dry. It's actually made for stenciling walls but it is just as effective on paper. Put your stencil on your surface, use a putty knife or plastic knife to spread the paste thickly on top, carefully peel the stencil off and it's done! Takes a bit to dry but it's worth it!! Make sure you wipe off your stencil right away!!

Tulle - bunch it up by tying it in knots. It comes in different colors and you can spray it with glitter spray paint to give it a little sparkle! (You knew I was going to go there didn't you!)

And here is the final result!

And more good news? We're so honored to welcome our new DT members who will be starting with January's kit...(in alpha order by first name)!

Arlene Camacho of Newburgh, NY

Cristal Hobbs (aka Pinky) of Christiana, TN

Diana Young Kennedy of Edmonton, AB

Stacey Hansen of Fruita, CO

and please also join me in thanking and re-welcoming the lovely, aforementioned Rita Barakat who has been asked to continue with us for another term (and has graciously accepted). All these ladies will of course be working and creating under the superb leadership of Nancy Doren.

My gratitude to our outgoing DT members Andrea Davenport and Siobhan Fry for their amazing work, support, and dedication. You'll see one more month of beautiful DT LOs from them in December, and then I look forward to welcoming them frequently as a core part of the SFTIO family.

Thank you to everyone who applied - you're all so wonderfully deep and talented. It was an honor to review your submissions and we look forward to sharing more with you in the future...

Much Love,


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