Designer Spotlight - Nicola Booth

For our next designer focus...here is the lovely and talented Nic Booth!

Nic joined our DT for the January-June period this year. As our first UK DT member, she has played an important role in helping us connect to our UK members. She established a thread on UK Scrappers, the big UK scrapping site/message board. Even though the exchange rate has made the kits a bit more expensive for the UK gals, she's kept everyone together! In fact, three of the UK gals got together to crop recently, which I think is awesome!

It is really hard to believe that Nic has only been scrapbooking a relatively short time. Her work is so layered, with lovely little bits everywhere you look, and arrnaged in the most perfect ways. I have relished the moments when her DT LOs have arrived in my email. I would spend a LOT of time poring over every inch of her pages, where there were always treasures to find in her designs.

Here are some of her wonderful LOs. You won't be able to look away...

The Patience Kit, reflecting on patience vs. instant gratification:

The Compassion Kit, exploring her passions:

The Spirit Kit, being grateful for life:

The Clarity Kit, seeing clearly by looking within:

The Hope Kit, wondering if she dreams in vain:

The Renewal Kit, telling the truth about juggling a busy life:

Nic's other amazing strengths include a fantastic ability with self-portraits (including adding props, interacting with elements outside the photos and how she captures her beautiful and expressive face), being a whiz at texture, and most important, her heart shines through in every layout - she really knows how to access her soul. All her LOs are uniquely about her - she really took on the challenge we issued to our team to look within. I have learned a lot from reading her journaling, and it has made me more reflective.

Nic works full time, and is mum to her teenage son and their cat, Mr. Kits. She's now on the DT for the UK shops/ sites Sugar and Spice Crafts and Willow Tree Crafts - lucky them! Keep a special eye out for her...she's just getting started! Nic has been a truly dedicated ambassador for SFTIO and I hope very much that she will stick around so we can glean more goodness from her!

Thanks, Nic!

I'm grateful.




Nic said...

Awww, thank you Rachel for all your kind words, I feel very warm and glowy after reading them :)

Warm and glowy really sums up how it feels being a part of SFTIO, it's been the best experience working with everyone - I've met the most supportive,encouraging and welcoming group of girls, played with the most wonderful kits and so enjoyed and valued learning to scrap from the inside out! - I'm really grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to do so.

I know SFTIO is going to continue to expand and will go from strength to strength and I'll certainly be hanging out on the boards for a long, long time to come!

Nic x

nancy said...

Nic, my favorite part of your pages is always the journaling... you always come up with an amazingly creative angle. I've learned a lot from you! So glad you're a part of SFTIO.

Anonymous said...

nic, love all your LOs for SFTIO. your take on each month's emotion-inpiration never fail to make me stop a while and think. so thanks :)