Designer Spotlight - Bjay Jaminal

As our first anniversary approaches, I want to spotlight and thank our fantastic designers who have given so much to Scrapbooking from the Inside Out over the past year...so without further ado, let's start with 2008 Design Team Member Bjay Jaminal!

When I first saw Bjay's application for the inaugural design team, I was really excited to find someone who scraps entirely in 8 1/2 by 11 - it's a great shape to work with and lends itself to unique design opportunities. I absolutely love how adept she is at combining papers from different manufacturers to great effect and her fantastic hand cutting skills. NO ONE can break down a piece of PP like Bjay! She truly creates her own unique embellishments with her sharp eye (and scissors!)

One of my favorite things about Bjay is her ability to convey her profound emotional connection to her family in her LOs. I can really feel the love she shares with them. She's a deep thinker and a fun loving gal at the same time. She seems to really appreciate and enjoy the small pleasures of life, and also is able to dream for the future and really look at herself.

Here are some of my favorite LOs of hers...

July 2008, the FREEDOM kit, celebrating the freedom of the Philippines and the pride she has in her Nieces:

August 2008, the CONFIDENCE kit, looking at her own strength and abilities:

September 2008, the COMFORT kit, reveling in the quiet peace of home:

October 2008, the JOY kit, appreciating the little moments that make life fun:

November 2008, the GRATITUDE kit, making contact with her spiritual core and her own personal belief system:

December 2008, the REGRET kit, making peace with her past:

Bjay currently serves on the design team for the amazing Aussie manufacturer Buzz and Bloom. Not only has she created great LOs for them, she also writes the best blog posts describing her LOs. She loves her childhood sweetheart/hubby, is a fan of all things 80's, and is a new mama to her little doxie-girl, Bailey.

You will for sure be seeing lots more of her work as you travel around the scrapbook world...stay tuned! We're so proud to be a part of her brilliant trajectory...you go, girl! I'm always so happy when I see her online at SFTIO - she's been a great supporter, cheerleader and friend. Thanks, Bjay, for taking a chance on a brand new enterprise and believing in our mission!

I am grateful for you!




pigmentations said...

oh wow, rach. I am so humbled by your beautiful blogpost! really :)

I can't thank you enough for all the support you have been giving me since the time we met a year ago. you are a dear, dear friend.

I wish all the best for SFTIO and all the fabulous things you are planning for your one-of-a-kind kit club. I know for a fact that you have some GRAND plans brewing. yiheeee... :)

love ya! :o


Andrea said...

I love your work, Bjay! You have served (and still do) as such an inspiration for all of the members at SFTIO. So lucky are we to be exposed to your skills and talent. And so glad that I still get to see you on the message boards!

nancy said...

You are an inspiration, Bjay! I am still in awe of those handcutting skills! So glad you've been a part of SFTIO from the very beginning.