What are you most HOPEFUL about?

I am a new devotee of acupuncture...I have had 7 treatments so far and it has been extremely helpful in controlling my migraines and a nagging shoulder/back pain. While it's hard to be completely 'thumbs up' about it yet, as it takes time, I am trying to be hopeful about the success of this endeavor...

In a larger way, I am hopeful about the direction in which I see our culture heading - more holistic, more thoughtful and more globally minded.

Here's some of what our team is HOPEFUL about:

Anam: Breaking cycles to create a better life for her children:

Nancy: Finding more of herself:

Nic: Creating a safe and warm home for her son:

What are you most hopeful about? I'd love to know!


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chksngr said...

I'm hopeful that I'll scrap now that I'm back home for a few days....and that I will continue to be healthy with this child...and that maybe, just maybe, I will be able to stay at home with this little one instead of having to go back to work right away. That is my biggest hope...good luck with the accupuncture...I used chiropractic and accupressure to alleviate mine. For me, they are stress induced and so a regular massage is supposed to help too...he he...any good reason for a massage, right??? I'm thinking I should hope for a good massage too!