Scrapbooking your Spirit

We've had a lot of interesting conversation on the Message Board over at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out about the meaning of SPIRIT. Here's the thesaurus.com list of synonyms:

Definition: soul, attitude
Synonyms: air, animation, ardor, backbone, boldness, breath, character, complexion, courage, dauntlessness, disposition, earnestness, energy, enterprise, enthusiasm, essence, fire, frame of mind, gameness, grit, guts, heart, humor, jazz, life, life force, liveliness, mettle, mood, morale, motivation, nerve, oomph, outlook, psyche, quality, resolution, resolve, sparkle, spunk, stoutheartedness, temper, temperament, tenor, vigor, vital spark, vitality, warmth, will, willpower, zest

To me, spirit is that indefinable quality, the 'it' that makes us 'us'. This kit's use of graffiti, grunge, bohemian and tattoo elements is really just a metaphor for the life force in us - what makes us tick, what lights our inner fire and what defines us.

Here are a couple of beautiful takes from our Design Team on the meaning of Spirit...about what makes them 'them'. Click on their names to see their blogs - they are VERY talented and inspirational artists.

Deb Famularo - Spirit Guest Designer:

From soft and sweet to wild and crazy, your spirit is who you truly are inside...with all its layers and faces. Stop by the Gallery to see more and be inspired!

Who are you inside? Tell us by leaving a comment linking to a LO about your spirit, and you will be entered to win a 20% off coupon on your first SFTIO kit. What a deal! You can enter until Sunday 3/15 at Noon PDT (GMT-7).

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