Isn't it nice to be home again

Back from another whirlwind trip to NY, but it was worth it to see this:

Perla and Meir's wedding, March 4, 2009. Young love is so sweet and innocent...I'm very excited for them and for their bright future. It was really nice to share in their first moments as husband and wife.

And a scrapbook note? It's traditional at Orthodox weddings for the couple to spend a few moments alone right after the ceremony. They often exchange gifts. Perla made a scrapbook for her very sentimental now-husband with all the things she had saved from their dates...tickets, flower petals, and slivers of balloons from the many thousand that filled her parents' living room as part of his proposal...so sweet.


sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

What beautiful pics! Glad you had a nice time & welcome back home!!! xOxO deb

Anonymous said...

young love, sweet love indeed :)