Behind the Art with Stacey

When I think about dreams and love, it makes me smile.  I found that one.  It happened a bit later in life, but I believe it happened when I was ready.  What should I have been ready for, you ask?  Knowing what real life love looks like.  It is not all bubbles and sunshine, roses and fancy dates.  Love is moving through life together, holding on through thick and thin.

I made a page to document my love.

I went with this sheet of Pink Fresh paper right from the kit.  I rarely use a sheet of paper as is, but this one fit perfectly.  I decided to embellish it up and add in some accents.

I added some words to the multiple Loves along the right hand side of the paper.  I like how it personalized the page.  I also hand cut the large heart from a journaling card and layered it on the photo.

I scrapped from my heart about what parts of a dream love I am most grateful for.  It makes me happy.

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