Behind the Art with Stacey

Last page of the month and I am tackling a serious topic.  I created a page to help my daughter shine her own individual light.  I have come to the realization that girl drama starts really young.  Females seem to approach life a bit differently.  There may be a search for approval from others.  I wanted to make a page that communicated a message to my daughter.

I used a picture of Ella and me because I have recently experienced a situation like this.  I don't think it goes away even when you are in your forties.  You just understand it better and can make sound decisions about the friendships you choose to put energy into.  I then used bold black and white graphics to contrast the softer colors on the page.  I hand cut those elements from the Webster's Pages journaling cards. 
I used the icon of a camera.  I want her to spend time taking those snapshots of life that are important.  That support who she is and what she loves, fully and unconditionally.  I also used the butterfly because each one is unique.  I want her to be her true self and not seek approval from those people who she just doesn't match with.  Again, I am speaking to myself as much as to her.
This will be a hard lesson for her to learn.  She will experience heartache with it.  I know friends come and go, some are with you for a long time before it is over.  The end of a friendship is heartbreaking.  The building of the wrong one wears you down.  If I can help her understand a little of what I have learned, then maybe she will make strong choices about the friends she decides to build her life around.  The most important thing is to find those who love you for you, warts and all.

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