Behind the Art with Stacey

The thought of Shine made my really reflect on my two kids this month.  I just want them to shine through and live life by sharing their greatest strengths.  This idea made me think about my son.  When he was little I was a bit worried about some things.

He was a unique toddler.  He liked alone time and was very into routine.  I remember even talking to the pediatrician about it.  We decided to give him some time and see where life took him.  Over the years, I have become much less worried.  This year, it was completely wiped away.

This year, he blossomed.  He was named Outstanding Student of the Month and began acting like a leader in school.  The biggest change involved his love for music.  He began taking lessons for percussion and violin.  It sparked a great love and intelligence in him.  He isn't what I would call an athlete so he never really shined in that area.  But with music, his light is so bright.
I used a photo of the chorus and embellished it with arrows, stars and hearts.  I also hand cut the record from a sheet of the paper in the kit.  I worked with the diagonal, adding the bright top corner.  Maybe his development has been more of a diagonal then a straight line.
It is not so much about his accomplishments this year, but more about the confidence he has developed.  He is just comfortable in his skin.  It has made me look at him differently and realize that his wheels are also turning.  It has been a joy to watch him grow!

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