Behind the Art with Stacey

It is mid-June and I am celebrating where I am in life by looking back.  I created a page about how I am at peace, even if that was not always the case.  I love the idea of I am.  It can go so many ways.

Right now, I am pretty content even in a world full of adjustments and change.

I used the cork board background paper on purpose, imagining that I was hanging up a declaration of happiness.  I decided to put a bunch of travel inspired items on the page to symbolize my journey to this point.  I added lots of little touches such as the arrows and hearts.  I created the tag in the upper left hand corner by layering stickers.  I also tried to incorporated multiple examples of I am around the page.
I told my story.  It is not always easy to let go of my past sting and damage.  But these guys are always there to support and encourage me.  Luckily, they are there to love me.

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