Behind the Art with Felecia

For my final project from the In The Moment Kit from Inside Out, I wanted to commemorate a pivotal moment in my life.

Just over a year ago, my friend Courtney's husband died of brain cancer. We had prayed for, cared for, nurtured, and supported the family through seven years of battle with cancer.

Each step of the way, we our faith was tested, our love for one another edified, and we were confronted with real miracles.

Bobby's death was a catalyst...I want to be able to live my life the way he did. He poured himself out into others. He said he didn;t fear death anymore and thus had the courage to really love people where they were. He loved well. I want to be like that.

His live, his death...it was beautiful and chaotic and in every way a celebration of all the right things. It was confetti from the sky and a path that seemed unpredictable, but in the end made sense. 

I love the silver lined thickers, but they didn't fit my project...so...I used a black ink pad to color them the color I needed. I love how the silver popped when I added the black.

There are few really life changing moments for us. I feel like documenting them leaves a legacy, a road map, some guidance for those who will come after us.

Peace, ya'll!

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