Behind the Art with Stacey

Welcome to February and a perfect kit designed to help you celebrate love....loving yourself!  The topic this month is restore!  I loved exploring this topic and really went to deep thoughts about restoration.  I focused on relationships that needed to be restored or times in my life when my faith was renewed.

This first page is about my daughter and I.  Can you say "same person?"  Our dynamic and commonalities can cause some friction.  I wanted to journal about how it was important to change that because she is one of the loves of my life.

I loved the idea of the doors that are present in this kit.  To me, you need to open the doors to your heart and mind when you are restoring yourself.  My thought was that our love can open and even knock door any barriers that are in our way.  I went with some eclectic elements on this page, but each one holds meaning.
I really wanted to explore my feelings honestly and openly.  I spoke as a mom and a person. 

I adore the rub-ons in the kit and this one was a springboard for the whole page.  "I see pieces of me in you."  It was perfect.  I incorporated the banner as a symbol of celebration.  It is hard to change a dynamic.  However, this was totally worth it.  As I worked to change our dynamic, I changed me.  And Ella changed too.  It has been quite powerful.



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