Behind the Art with Jen Matott

Moving FORWARD or onward. I like the thought of moving forward even when I'm wishing time would slow down.  It doesn't make sense to me to stand still where it's comfortable.  What has always been is comfortable.  Change is hard and scary! 

  I had taking this photograph in the driveway of my parent's house. It is symbolic of a couple things: 1) Autumn leaves signify change to me.  The season's change and the trees change.  You can't prevent the leaves from changing color and falling any more than you can stop time.
2) I'm always coming home to my childhood residence because my parents are still there.  They have been a constant in my life but even so, it is different being an adult and realizing that life must not have been easy for them, as parents.  I know it's not easy for me at times!  I appreciate them so much and am thankful that they encouraged me to grow up and move forward even if that was really hard for them to let go.
 These kraft triangles are adorable and I layered some bits of papers behind them.  The gorgeous glimmery spray was perfect to add a touch of sparkle to the papers.
 Arrows were symbolic in this page for moving forward even though I can look behind me and remember where I came from.
 Now that I'm 40 years old and a parent, I think it's especially important to look forward and plan for change.  I love my kids and my family!  It's amazing to notice how big my kids have gotten and how much they have changed.  It makes me sad some days and I want to slow time down so I can keep them little for a little longer.  Ultimately, I know I can't do that.... so I have to remind myself to just keep up... Keep moving
 It also means that I keep moving forward in my goals!  This past year, I started on a fitness and nutrition goals and I want to keep momentum on the progress I've made! 

What do you want to move forward with this year?

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