Behind the Art with Stacey

I try to make at least one deep, insightful page for each kit.  One where the topic is all about just  me and reflects where I am right now in life.  I have been faced with some challenges the past few months that have thrown my energy off a bit.  I decided to scrap about what makes me handle these types of life situations.

I am usually a very linear scrapper, but I decided to tilt a bit to reflect the freedom of the page.  I wanted to convey a feeling of ease and belief that life will be okay.

To create the pink background, I used the stencil from the kit.  I sprayed using the pink mist.  When it was dry, I cut a rectangle and layered it under the transparency and the photo.   I also layered some feathers under the photo.  Feathers represent a lightness that reminds me of the spiritual.

I carried the feather theme onto the bottom half of the page, using the stickers.  I shared some pretty personal information about my beliefs.  I like to put my deepest thoughts and feelings on paper so that I can put it out into the universe.  It helps me to feel grateful and grounded.

This page came out with the exact feeling I wanted it to!

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