Behind the Art with Stacey

The word Moxie is old fashioned, but so fun!  I think all women should have a bit of moxie.  My daughter has a ton of it!  Her energy fills up a space and is contagious. When the theme of energy came up, I knew I had the perfect photo to showcase it. I put together a layout using a deconstructed grid of sorts.

I used the clear card as a bold element right next to the photo.  I wanted to add touches of black around the page to continue that boldness.  I cut the "you" from a journaling card and added it to the word totally.  I wanted fun and funky colors because my girl has lots of spirit.

I used the heart from the embellishment package, backing it with the orange paper.   I purposefully picked bright, girlie embellishments to convey the theme. 

I added the large, black alphabet letters with the heart.  It is on trend and fits the fill of the page.  I journaled about how her moxie can be challenging.  It can drain me a bit.  We are going through a tough phase where I am trying to teach her independence, yet I want her to be a listener.  I like to journal the truth.  I hope someday she reads this and knows how we had to work together to figure it out!

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