Behind the Art with Jen

 Hi friends!  Are you one of those people that like to have a lot going on all the time or one that builds a lot of down time into your day?  I wish I was smart enough to build down time in but I totally overbook myself and feel that if there is time, I should fill it!  I am doing multiple things at the same time and don't know what to do with myself when I don't have a deadline or have extra time on my hands.   It's a sickness, I know.  I do have to have a rest day once in a while where I cancel all plans and be lazy!
 I have people ask me all the time how I juggle it all... to be honest, I have no idea!  I just have a lot of energy that needs to be directed to tasks.  I also sometimes just have to do things because otherwise I won't be able to sleep!  LOL!  I also think that I overestimate what I can actually physically do in a day's time.  I do prioritize and let go of some things that aren't as vital.
 Weekends are sometimes those times when I say "screw it all!" and put my feet up outside or under a blanket to veg out.  I just need to.  But most days I'm pretty antsy if I don't have something to do or look forward to doing.
The colors of these papers were vibrant and amazing!  I did use some of the calmer colors from the more solid papers to add a bit of calm creeping into the chaos.  When I do need to rest/ relax, I usually read a book, or sit outside and watch my kids play while and sip a cold beverage.  I still need to do something but it's relaxing to me.

When do you need to recharge?  Is it something you have to do or something you are forced to do?  Relaxing is not easy for me... I have to be forced either my exhaustion, being sick, or just told to rest. 

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