Behind the Art with Stacey

Happy September!  This month we are exploring the word Thrive!  I love this word and all the energy it contains!  I went to all the things that have made me strive or all the things in my life that are thriving.  One of the biggest themes that came to mind involves love.  All things thrive with love.

I decided to start with a page about my kids.

I grabbed photos with each of my two children and started to build.  I love the circle paper in the kit and cut around a row to create my top border.  Circles represent constant movement and flow.  I filled each circle with words or smile faces.  If you read across from the left to right, there is a message.
I also built my title using different words or fonts from the kit, With Togetherness Awesome Things Will Happen.  I thought about all the things that make us thrive as a family.  It is time with them and all those funny moments. 

I wrote about how I am not perfect and I make a lot of mistakes as a mom.  But I really try to build our relationship on a daily basis.  I want my children to thrive with love and support and structure and fun.  I documented all the ways we are growing together.
The kit is so much fun with great star and circles as well as fun tags!  I love the colors of the papers and know you will be inspired!

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