Behnid the Art with Stacey

Every month, I love to get the new kit along with the monthly prompts from Rachel.  I read the prompts and just clear my mind.  I let whatever ideas are brewing float to the top.  Then I look for photos that might match up to the theme.  It is a fun process that is healing.  Think of it as a visual gratitude journal or a diary.

The idea of liberation means being set free.  I remember exact moments in my life where I prayed to be set free and/or times when I knew it had happened.  One such moment occurred just a few years ago.

I had three siblings that I had never really met or talked to.  It bothered me that I was left out of their lives for a long time as though I didn't exist.  I think it impaired my ability to live beautifully and happily in the moment.  There was deep pain that I had buried.  That changed when my sister reached out.  Within a short time, I had met all my siblings.  It was life-changing.

I pulled out this photo and decided to scrap my feelings about it.  There was a moment when we were driving away from hotel and I was looking out the window.  I felt healed.  I quietly cried happy tears knowing that I could be free from the pain.  The title of this page came from a simple place, You Cared. 

I have scrapped several pages about this happening and the adventures that followed.  This page was meant to document that moment where I felt peace deep within.  I clearly remember it today and I hope this page always helps me go back in time.
I used the butterfly to symbolize freedom and the beauty in the moment.  I purposefully scattered objects across the page, keeping it light and airy.
It is a page I know I will go back to many times.


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