Behind the Art with Stacey

Welcome August!  Summer time is winding down and I plan on enjoying every second!  It is liberating to have sunshine and freedom!  The August kit, called Liberation, is perfectly timed.

For my first page, I decided to document our recent vacation to Sedona, Arizona.  I will always remember it as a time of true freedom, not burdened down by worry or stress.  It was an amazing time.  The reality of the situation was that Steve and I were kid-free during this trip.  I love our children to pieces, but it was really nice to just be a couple for the week.

I used one of my favorite photos from the trip, a moment captured while we were hiking Bell Rock.  Steve and I have always enjoyed hiking, but we haven't done it as much because of having younger children and less time.  It felt great to get back to our roots. I used the pretty stencil from the kit as an element on my page.  I loved how it reminded me of clouds.  Paired with the retro van, it looks like exhaust fumes, symbolizing our adventure. 

 I chose the large Love This card with the arrow to really make the photo stand out.  The orange hexagons in the kit are really fun and textural.  I like how they reminded me of the Red Rocks in Sedona.

To finish my page, I wrote honestly.  I don't think any mom or dad should feel guilty for taking time for themselves.  Life is about balance and working on the couple helps work on the family.  We missed them while we were gone, but felt so lucky to have time just for us. 
I hope that my kids will see this page someday and will give themselves permission to take time.

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