Behind the Art with Stacey

This past June I had the pleasure of sitting at my niece's high school graduation!  I was there when she was born.  It was the most amazing experience to see life enter this world.  As I was walking to the graduation ceremony, which was held at my old high school, I heard the procession music.  I started to cry.  My kids looked at me like I was crazy, but I couldn't help it.  Where has time gone and how can she be that grown up?

It hit me that time is moving very quickly and I need to appreciate every moment.  Perspective happened right there on the sidewalk.  Cherish this time with family and friends because it is always moving forward.

I chose this photo because Alyssa is front and center, all smiles!  I paired it with some bold pink paper and that green shade that pops.  Quite like my niece.  I hand cut the Hello because I love how free it is.  She is enjoying her life and beginning a new phase...fun and free! 
I use the cute white clock from the kit placing it behind the chipboard camera.  Time flies so it is important to freeze the moments and enjoy them. 

I also love the circular date calendar!  I put the compass point in the middle.  I then put the pink triangle pin and faced it toward June.  I used other arrows in random directions to show the time keeps moving.  Knowing how fast it goes will hopefully give me the perspective I need to enjoy the present!

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