Behind the Art with Angi Barrs

Hello everyone! I am so excited to begin my journey here at Scrapbooking From The Inside Out.

I have one bit of advice if you are new to this type of scrapping - "Breathe and enjoy the journey!"

Each SFTIO kit has an emotion behind it. January's emotion is - Empathy.

I created four layouts this month based around this theme. I chose to show this one first to give you a grasp at how you can begin making pages that follow your journey through 2014.

To make a page of your own is a sweet process. First, take a hold of the emotion "empathy" and let it sink in for a moment. After that, grab a thesaurus and look up the word.

I found several synonyms that really hit home for me:

- compassion
- insight
- comprehension
- rapport

One of these words really stood out for me. It was the word "insight". To really feel empathy for another person I need to gain insight into what they are really feeling.

Sometimes I get so busy with doing things - running errands, returning a telephone call, grading papers, answering emails...

I get so focused on tasks that I find myself getting sidetracked from listening to family and friends who want to talk or vent about things that are bothering them.

Once you get your page together add a bit of journaling. Keep the emotion in mind as you write. And be sure to just write from the heart.

As the month goes on I hope to share more tips with you. Stay tuned!

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