Behind the Art by Stacey Michaud

Hello everyone!  I am here to share a page using the January kit, Empathy.  When I am creating about an emotion, I start by thinking about what the word means to me.  I google the definition and use the Thesaurus for inspiration.

To make this page, I started by self-reflecting on my ability to be empathetic.  I sadly realized that I am not always the most empathetic person.  I sometimes keep a distance from people I don't know well or I am overly focused on other things.  I happily realized that I am very empathetic with people who I have let in and those that I trust.

Thus, this page.  I wish to be more open to all.  I want to show the best me and letting down some walls can help me achieve that goal.

I used several elements from the kit as symbols to represent my thoughts and feelings.  The Sweet and Good ticket is my way of admitting that I need to focus on allowing that side of me to shine more.  The flower stands for life and growth.  I like how it is blossoming from love. 

I placed my journaling in one of the outlined boxes on the page.  I find that placement is really important when journaling.  I want it to flow with the rest of the page.  I like to write with honesty.  It is important to put down how you feel.  I also like to write down my wishes because it makes them real.

I often incorporate my title into my story.  I find that it helps the writing process flow easier.  One of the biggest obstacles to journaling is getting started.

I love scrapbooking with a purpose and clear intention.  The Empathy kit helped me to achieve that!

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