Journaling: Vent Session


  1. 1.
    give free expression to (a strong emotion).
    "he had come to vent his rage and despair"
    synonyms:releaseair, give vent to, give free rein to, let out, pour out, express,give expression to, voice, give voice to, verbalizeventilatediscuss,talk over, communicate More

Sometimes it feels good to let it all out.

It's healthy too. Just think about volcanoes. It's good that they puff out steam every once in awhile. Otherwise, all that steam and such is going to keep boiling and boiling. Then, what will happen?  A huge explosion that will affect more than just the immediate surroundings.

While we should probably be careful about who we vent to and we should take care not to confuse venting with taking our frustration out on others, it's good to have a good journaling sesh.
Let the tears flow.

Let the tension ease.

It's good!

I love how our Guest Designer Stacey Michaud put this to practice. Her take on Ambition is an interesting one with this layout. While the photo is of her children and their own ambitions, if you read between the lines, you can see that Stacey used this opportunity to vent. "Just Get Along!"

If you are a mama, maybe you can relate???

For my layout, I vented in a round about way. Something that I'm getting so tired of is my laziness. No motivation. Just sheer laziness. Literally. Laziness. And I've had it! So, what better kit to let it out and make that thought public than by journaling it out on a layout.

It felt good, I tell ya! And now you all know and will hold me accountable, right?

Journaling is so therapeutic. 

Use it with the product and symbolism in our kits and you've got yourself the best visual journaling page just for YOU. 

Now... go let it all out!

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