Looking for a Little Enchantment

Hello!  Welcome to the wonderful month of August.  We will be exploring Enchantment this month.  We also need a little Enchantment over at our site, as we are experiencing technical difficulties in updating the information for our new kit.  So... send your glitter, sparklies, butterflies, daisies and any other enchantments our way so that we can get things running smoothly again.

In the meantime... check out the ENCHANTMENT KIT!!

Although the buy now button above does not work at the moment (keep sending your fairy dust), you are able to purchase a kit by viewing yesterday's post and using the button to purchase a kit from there.

Okay, to start out our exploration of enchantment, let's look at a few synonyms and expand our understanding of enchantment, shall we?

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 Is there a synonym that pops out at you?  Please share your favorite in the comments!

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Kelly Jean said...

Enchantment and magical seem to go hand in hand for me!