Do It Anyway...

How about a challenge?  We haven't posted one yet this month, so I want to share one of the challenges we want to present you with.  Read the prompt below, and the design twist, and then create a layout or art journal page... or heck, any piece of art...

Ready?  Set... Go!

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.


Many of us grow up thinking that if something frightens us, we shouldn’t do it. It turns out that some level of fear or anxiety is quite normal when doing something new or unfamiliar. Often, we wait for the fear to dissipate before we try something – but in many cases, the fear doesn’t move, and neither do we. One strategy is to go ahead and do what we fear even though we fear it. If we can learn to tolerate the discomfort, we will be exposed to the potential for great success. Everything worth having is worth working for – and if it didn’t take work, we might not appreciate having the positive results. And having a victory under our belts can help greatly next time we’re faced with a challenge. What do you fear? What fears have you overcome?

Are you one who waits to line it all up or do you jump in?

For the design twist, use the edges...right up to them or go over. 

We'd love to see what you create.  Please share it with us by linking up your creation in the comments below, or visit us over at our site and share it in our challenge gallery!

Happy creating!

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